Liberals, Nathan Mathis is not a Hero

He is not ‘The best dad ever.’  He should not be the new darling of the left, any more than John McCain was after voting against ACA repeal, following three Republican women colleagues who never got the credit they did.

I’ve literally seen these things written about the conservative dad in Alabama who is stumping against Roy Moore because his daughter killed herself and he regrets it.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m glad he regrets bullying his daughter into suicide.  And I’m glad that he is being public about it.  But he is not a hero.

Lost on most nice (cishet) liberals seems to be the fact that a young woman killed herself, and her family’s rejection was part of the problem.

Nathan Mathis admits he said many things that hurt his daughter.  He admits to sending her to ‘conversion therapy,’ allegedly at her request.  I admire his honesty, even as I wonder whether he is soft-pedaling his part in it.

I sincerely hope the painful loss of his daughter will inspire Mr. Mathis to address the conservative community about their hate, outside this one sign.  He might do some real good there.

But, as yet, he has not.  Still, liberals seem to think he is the best thing since John McCain.

John McCain was never our friend.

Maybe Nathan Mathis will turn out to be, but not yet.

Right now, he is the man who rejected his gay daughter and now feels guilty about her death.

In a world where 20% of homeless youth are glbt, because their loving, Christian families kick their kids out of their home, I will not celebrate a man who admits he ‘said bad things to [his] daughter.”

In a world where the suicide rate for the general population is 1.4%, but in the trans community is ten times that, I will not celebrate a man who sent his gay daughter to ‘reparation therapy,’ apparently after rejecting the analyses of actual doctors who tried to tell him that she was gay, and it couldn’t be changed.

I will not celebrate a man who only regretted his actions after his daughter killed herself, but failed in every way possible when it mattered.

Thank you, Nathan, for your regret.  Thank you for speaking out.  But you are not a hero.

You can be.

How about you use this newfound knowledge to try and educate other conservatives, particularly other religious conservatives, of which you are one?

How about you use up some of your social capital and confront your friends, your coworkers, your religious peers to dial down the hate a little?

How about you stand up where and when it costs you?

That’s what heroes do.  They stand up for those who still aren’t dead.  They stand up, even when it costs.  They stand up, even though they will still pay the price for it.

Truly, Nathan, I am sorry for the loss of your daughter.  You want to make a difference?  Help prevent more suicides, more deaths, more hate, more marginalization.

I’ve seen too many conversion stories of conservatives who change their minds after a child kills themselves.  My heart goes out to the victims a whole lot more than the regretters.  It’d be nice to see someone on the right ‘get it’ while their child is still alive.

Let me be clear about this: family rejection is one of the major factors in suicide.  When you’ve lost your family, where, exactly do you go?

Yes, I know.  Not all conservatives.  Just way too frickin’ many.

Nathan Mathis, you are not a hero.  But you are well poised to become one if you choose.

I hope you do.


Stay active!


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